Address in Bratislava

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4 addresses in Bratislava!
Virtual office services.
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for only 899 €.
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NEW Slovak Companies

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Where can you find us?

 Ruzinov Office Center
Klincova street 37/B
Bratislava, 1st floor
Tel.: (00421) 948 600 200
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  • Czech/Cesky (iso-8859-2)
  • English
  • Magyar

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Registered address in Bratislava

 Get your virtual address in Bratislava for the best price at market.

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Slovak Company formation, purchase of Slovak READY-MADE s.r.o. and registered address services

Welcome to the website of ATex Group Slovakia s.r.o., the market leader in Slovakia in the area of company formation (Slovak s.r.o. company), READY-MADE s.r.o. company sale and registered address (seat) and virtual office services in Bratislava.

Welcome to professionals - experts in company incorporation in Slovakia, European Union (EU) and also all over the world (on-shore and off-shore companies formation).

NEW Slovak company s.r.o. formation for only 690 €.
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Slovak READY-MADE s.r.o. company sale for only 899 €.
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Registered address (seat) in Bratislava, Slovakia only for 30 €/month.
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NEW Slovak Company formation

 NEW Slovak company formation for only 690 €, get your Slovak Company now!

Slovak READY-MADE company

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This is our work since 2005

 formed 518 new companies
sold 96
ready-made s.r.o.
provided 168 addresses